Field Notes

Field Notes: ‘We are a Rock ‘n Roll couple.’

Stacy and Garrett Enloe met over rock n roll. They grew up in St. Louis and attended local schools. They went to rock concerts eventually meeting and bonding over heavy metal bands like Manowar and Judas Priest. One of their favorite venues was the club Mississippi Nights.

The venue was located on Laclede’s Landing and for over 30 plus years hosted everything from jazz to folk, metal to blues.

I remember venturing from my suburban home to the riverfront bar to see folk duo the Indigo Girls, reggae groovers the Roots Radics and political rocker Bruce Cockburn.

In 2007, the club was forced to close and the building demolished for a planned future development.

After a few years of grieving, the couple – by day, he works for UPS and she is a stay-at-home mom – decided to write a book chronicling the place that was Mississippi Nights.

In this Field Notes installment, the Enloes describe the beloved venue, its durable fan base and how the couple came to write a book chronicling the story of a club that seemingly booked everyone before and after they became someone.

You can buy the Enloes’ book here.

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