Everyone has a collection of stories. These stories make you who you are.

Stories you share can be about anything. Your origin story, career memories and personal genealogy are all fair game. Here, Gennie P. and a student tell the story of how an Iowa Eaglecam inspired parallel artworks.

Whether told by yourself or by a loved one, your stories will be enjoyed by others when you preserve them at a Recollection Agency recording session.

Popular options include a shorter audio memoir option or the more extensive life-story option. We’ll help you craft the right questions in a pre-recording planning meeting. When you schedule a recording session with the Recollection Agency we bring the needed equipment, experience and dedication to the setting of your choice. Then, start talking. We record your stories, edit them for clarity and you are then ready to share recordings of your own personal history. How cool is that?

Who’s behind the Recollection Agency?

Trevor Harris started producing and hosting programs at Columbia, Missouri’s community radio station nearly 30 years ago. That led to a five-year role as a producer and announcer at the local NPR stations. He has produced podcasts for other folks and is working on his own podcast. Mo’ Curious is focused on Trevor’s interest in his native state.

Trevor loves sitting down with folks to hear what they are all about. He lives in Kansas City with his wife Lisa and dog Roz.

What’s involved in preserving my stories?

First, think about who and what stories you want to record. You may settle on preserving stories of your older relatives or capturing those legendary stories that define a life. The focus and scope of the recordings is entirely your call. We welcome the chance to consult on this project phase.

Second, think about the scope of your recording. Our most popular packages are:

  • Record an Audio Memoir: This production involves the preserving of a specific story or part of your life. Memoirs can include stories of marriages, businesses, organizations and just plain memories of a time that is disappearing ever-faster in the rear-view mirror. Includes planning, up to three hours of audio recording, editing your audio to your specifications, and final delivery on CD, jump drive or password-accessed cloud-storage site. Base charge: $350; or
  • Preserve a Life Story: Choose this option and you get the same treatment as in the Audio Memoir, just more of it. A life story generally has numerous chapters, so our audio recording time here is up to eight hours. Base charge: $1,000.

  • You can also customize your production. Come to us with your vision and let’s see if we can make it happen. We may be able to digitize your existing media. Hourly rates apply.

Our travel to your recording site, audio transcription and video editing may incur extra charges.

The third and last step: Contact the Recollection Agency to discuss scheduling your recording.

Reach us at RecollectionAgency@yahoo.com or phone/text (816) 514-5146.

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