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Do you have stories you want to share with loved ones? Maybe you are interested in creating a podcast?
The Recollection Agency can help.

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Trevor Harris started the Recollection Agency in 2019, motivated by a belief in the power of storytelling. Storytelling connects us with our environment and our past while creating space to share our personal narratives.

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The Recollection Agency works with individuals, families, businesses, organizations and others to preserve and share stories that matter. What does that sound like?

Field Notes

Field Notes: Explaining 2020

When you look back on this time in a generation or so, what will you tell those who came of age after the pandemic of 2020-21? How can you describe the fundamental ways that life on Earth changed while humans dealt with the coronavirus? Through my business, blog and podcast, I capture peoples’ stories. Often […]

Field Notes: “I cleared away a lot of stuff.”

Carol Romano is a long-time Columbia, Missouri resident and my former neighbor. On the eve of her 75th birthday, she talked about running away from home, finding her tribe and the role of contemplation in managing the pandemic.

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