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Trevor Harris started the Recollection Agency in 2019, motivated by the importance and urgency of preserving stories. Sharing our recollections connects us with our environment and our past while creating space to share personal narratives.

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The Recollection Agency works with individuals, families, businesses, organizations and others to preserve and share stories that matter.

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Field Notes

Field Notes: ‘We are a Rock ‘n Roll couple.’

Stacy and Garrett Enloe met over rock n roll. They grew up in St. Louis and attended local schools. They went to rock concerts eventually meeting and bonding over heavy metal bands like Manowar and Judas Priest. One of their favorite venues was the club Mississippi Nights. The venue was located on Laclede’s Landing and…

Field Notes: The Slow Path to Deplasticizing Your World

The health risks associated with plastics are astonishing. I am not a chemist, but even a casual read of the hazards surrounding plastic give me pause. Once ingested, the chemicals used to create single-use food packaging are now linked to cancer, they impact human development and can impede reproduction. Much plastic now ends up in…

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