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The Recollection Agency is based in Missouri, a state with a wide and deep history. Having lived almost all of his years in the state, Trevor Harris remains inquisitive about the 24th state. As a way to marry that wonderment and the history all around him. Trevor started the Mo’ Curious podcast in 2020.

Each episode affords the hungry listener with a minor education in some noteworthy or forgotten piece of Missouri arcana.

Enjoy and share widely.

Mo’ Curious #6: That American Ideal

Almost as long as there has been a Missouri, there have been idealists in our midst. In 1844, “Doctor” Wilhelm Keil and his followers established the German Communal Society of Bethel in Northeast Missouri. They were followed by an Icarian outpost in 1858 near St. Louis. In this episode of Mo’ Curious by Missouri Life, […]

Mo’ Curious #5: Missouri Rocks!

The rocks under Missouri are old. Really old. To understand how our state’s geology came to be, Trevor Harris recently talked to a pair of geologists and a cave mapper. Mo’ Curious is generously sponsored by Missouri Life.

Mo’ Curious #4: The View from Beacon Hill

Mo’ Curious #4 draws on recent oral histories from a trio of long-time Kansas Citians. The episode is a cultural memory of Beacon Hill, an urban neighborhood in transition. This audio returns Summer 2021. Something to look forward to, eh?

Mo’ Curious #3: The Hawk’s Origin

Mo’ Curious #3 explores the early years of tenor saxophonist Coleman Hawkins when he lived in and near St. Joseph, Missouri. With support from Missouri Life this audio returns Summer 2021.

Mo’ Curious #2: Start Your Engines

Mo’ Curious #2: Start Your Engines looks at how Interstate 70 through the State of Missouri has impacted three people’s lives and livelihoods. This audio is in the shop for a tune-up and will return for an aural test drive in Summer 2021.


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