Mo’ Curious: The Living Legacy of Missouri’s Dramatic 1939 Sharecroppers’ Strike (part II)

On January 1, 1939, 1,500 Missourians went on strike.
They were tired of hard work, being poor and living in shacks.
This podcast explores what that strike means today to one Missouri community.

There aren’t many folks alive today who remember what went down in the Bootheel in the winter of 1939. There are remaining, however, longtime residents who know about the sharecroppers’ strike, what it meant then and what it means now.

Click here to listen to part 2 of a two-part episode about Missouri’s 1939 sharecroppers’ strike.

Mo’ Curious is a podcast about the past, present and future of our 24th state.

Special thanks to Matt Schacht and Vidwest Studios for their support.

By Trevor Harris

I got involved in community radio back in 1990 and later worked in public radio. I enjoy listening to people's stories. Collecting them seemed like a logical marriage of my love of audio gathering and preserving the stories of those around me.

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