Field Notes

Field Notes: Creating a More Perfect Union

For 20 years, the Troost 39 Thrift Store has provided low-cost clothes, dishes, books and the occasional guillotine to shoppers. When the building was up for sale three years ago, Chuck and Toni Wurth bought it. Today, the couple maintains the space as thrift store with a mission.

Field Notes is an occasional series from the Recollection Agency. Contact us to learn more about the process of preserving your memories and creating shareable content.

By Trevor Harris

I got involved in community radio back in 1990 and later worked in public radio. I enjoy listening to people's stories. Collecting them seemed like a logical marriage of my love of audio gathering and preserving the stories of those around me.

4 replies on “Field Notes: Creating a More Perfect Union”

Troost39 is my favorite store in all of Kansas City! Have been shopping there since 2011 — for household items, gifts, art supply, fabrics, even found a big box of Edison records there once. The store keeps getting better and better every visit. Glad to hear more of the story and glad the story continues, too!

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