Our Work

The Recollection Agency works with individuals, families, businesses, organizations and others to preserve and share stories that matter. What does that sound like? Here are some examples from each of our three specialty areas:

Audio Memoirs

If you want to record some major life memories, this is the option for you. Record for up to three hours then collaborate with Trevor to come up with a final shareable audio, video or slideshow production. He’ll share the digital biography either on DVD, CD, jump drive or webpage.

Pam K. on breaking one of her mom’s beloved pilsner glasses.
Wanda B on black cemeteries.

Life Stories

Have you or someone you know had a memorable life? If so, this is your option. Sit down with Trevor for up to eight hours of recording. He’ll make some edits and share the digital biography either on DVD, CD, jump drive or webpage.

Mike Trapp sharing some of his life story.

Reverend Leroy LeGrand shares memories of life in Kansas City, Missouri’s Beacon Hill neighborhood.

Custom Productions

Talk to Trevor about his producing your podcast, crafting your next work presentation and creating a multi-media holiday card.

Got a podcast in you? The Recollection Agency can help make your production a reality as in this example from the State of Missouri’s Higher Education Commissioner.

Stories you share can be about anything. Your origin story, career memories and personal genealogy are all fair game. Here, Gennie P. and a student tell the story of how an Iowa Eaglecam inspired parallel artworks.

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