Our Story

Welcome to the Recollection Agency. We are here to help you capture your stories and – if you want – create shareable content. The business exists to help people share their stories. If you have a vision for telling personal or family stories or starting a podcast, Trevor Harris can help you get from concept to completion.

Trevor founded the Recollection Agency in 2019. Trevor was active for many years in community radio at Columbia, Missouri’s KOPN. He also previously worked for KBIA and Classical 90.5, public radio stations also based in Columbia. Trevor learned how to work on deadline and as part of a team working in community and public radio. Trevor brings his deep curiosity and seasoned professionalism to every interview. 

Through the Recollection Agency, Trevor has interviewed a wide range of subjects. Some are clients who want a specific set of stories preserved and shared. Others share stories that become part of Trevor’s audio blog, Field Notes and his history podcast, Mo’ Curious.

Trevor is insatiably curious about the world around him. When you hire the Recollection Agency, you get a creative producer who works with clients to create a personal story that captures your voice.

Why we do what we do

At the Recollection Agency, we believe in the power of asking a question, then really listening.

Traditional and social media were full of well-known people. The stories of the un-famous deserve to be listened to and shared as well. Trevor started the Recollection Agency in 2019 to help regular people capture personal stories that matter. Besides producing audio memoirs and life stories, Trevor increasingly does custom production such as podcasts for his clients. His own podcast, Mo’ Curious, launched this year.

The Recollection Agency exists to help people share stories that matter. For every paying client, Trevor does one interview pro bono. This service orientation means that everybody’s story can get heard. During 2020, Trevor has worked with staff at the Black Archives of Mid-America in Kansas City to capture stories from his neighbors. These recordings capture multiple long-time residents’ memories of life in a neighborhood that is changing with time and due to gentrification.

Meet Trevor

Trevor Harris started the Recollection Agency in 2019, motivated by a belief in the power of storytelling. Storytelling connects us with our environment and our past while creating space to share our personal narratives.

An almost life-long Missourian, Trevor attended the University of Missouri and got a degree in social work. (These skills help with the listening.) He later earned a masters in geography at the University of Alabama, training that grounds Trevor in place, a major character in many stories and podcasts. 

Trevor values people’s stories. That social work training taught him how to listen and ask the right questions to capture powerful, truthful and just plain fun stories. He believes in understanding who people are, what stories they want to capture and then widely share their stories.

Trevor Harris has served as an announcer, producer and volunteer trainer at Columbia, Missouri’s, community radio station. From 2014 through 2019, he worked as an announcer and producer at a pair of public radio stations also located in Columbia.

Trevor has worked as a regional and bicycle-pedestrian planner. He and his wife, Lisa, served as Peace Corps volunteers in Zambia. He later served as the Peace Corps recruiter at the University of Missouri.

Trevor lives in Kansas City with his wife, Lisa, and dog, Roz.

“I’m so glad we had Trevor interview my mom and record some of her stories. He made it so easy, and my mom loved talking with him. He uncovered stories we’d never heard and captured many that we knew but wanted to find a way to save for future generations. It was so enjoyable to listen to all of them, and even more comforting to know her grandchildren can listen to them in the years to come.”

David O’Brien

We’ll help you tell your story.