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Do you have family stories you want to preserve?

Maybe you are interested in creating a podcast?

The Recollection Agency can help.


Do you have a story you want to preserve about one chapter of your life? Consider a memoir recording. For a flat fee, we’ll interview you and yours for up to three hours. Trevor may edit distinct stories into individual tracks for easier access and future listens back to favorite memories. How would you use such recordings? Consider sharing them on social media or creating a digital holiday card. Your memoir can be audio-only, audio + visual, or audio + still image slideshow. Recordings can happen either in-person or remotely. Your final audio will be up to 60 minutes.


A life story can focus on a person, group, organization or a place. A life story has numerous chapters and added elements. This option provides you with up to eight hours of recording. It can also be audio-only, audio + visual, or audio + still image slideshow. Recordings can happen either in-person or remotely. The final edit length is up to four hours. Charge: flat fee.


Thinking about a podcast? Maybe you want to create a digital holiday card? Possibly you need a presentation for an annual meeting? Contact Trevor with your vision and let’s make it happen. This may include podcast production, serialized content and custom audio interviews. Recordings can happen either in-person or remotely. Charge: Hourly rates apply.

How it works

When you contact the Recollection Agency, you and Trevor will set up a planning meeting. In that meeting, you and he will explore you’re your goals for the recordings. You’ll talk about if and how you wish to share your recordings. The goal of the meeting is to clarify what stories you want to preserve and how. Based on this planning meeting, we will develop questions that will guide the interview. Your planning meeting and subsequent interviews can be in-person or remote based on your needs.

Our goal is for the planning and recording processes to be interactive and enjoyable for all.

Come recording day it can just be you or involve others who will bring color to the recordings. Depending on the scope of your storytelling, you may have one or more sessions.

After your interview is complete, Trevor will edits for clarity. Once he completes a first draft, Trevor will share those files with you for review.

You tell Trevor where you want edits or he can make a first edit and share that. Maybe you want to add sound effects or additional audio. Great. This is your time to get creative. Trevor is your humble audio production servant.

After your edits are complete, Trevor will provide you with a final product on whatever format you prefer: a CD/DVD, jump drive or a digital download of your high quality .wav files.

Would you like to learn more?

Tell us about yourself and what you’re interested in creating.