Creating Shareable Content

After I complete a recording there are numerous ways to produce content that others can enjoy and learn from. Here are a few examples of productions that come out of scripted and freestyle story recordings.

Sometimes the stories are recorded using audio only

Here, Mike T. talks about his spiritual awakening in an excerpt from his life story. The audio and transcript ended up on Mike’s blog.
Becky B. recalls when bartering played a role in 1960s. This is an excerpt from a private family recording.

Other times we employ a slideshow…

Dr. Gennie Pfannenstiel and I are producing a series of slideshow podcasts for her students during the pandemic.

Common themes come up when telling the story of a life. These include an education, neighborhoods, social and geographic change and spirituality.

What themes will come up in your life story? Contact me to begin the conversation about how we capture and share your stories.

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